Travel photography as a genre of photography.

Since I also work as a travel photographer, I would like to write a few words about what I mean by this genre! Many of you have probably wondered what the genre of travel photography is?
Portrait, landscape and architectural photography, etc. If you read most of the genre names, you can usually imagine what is directly the subject of photography.
But what does the term “travel photography” mean?
In fact, this direction can cover all the above genres of photography. Nevertheless, I would divide it into two important components: “Reportage and documentary photography”.
“Reportage photography”, because a travel photographer often tries to show the viewer through his work, the fascinating world that surrounds us, picturesque places, cultural and ethnic peculiarities, people, and their characters.
“Documentary photography” as documentation of architecture, historical monuments, special features of the environment, nature.
Travel photography cannot be categorized into any particular genre of photography, as it is much broader. What makes travel photography so interesting are the diverse photographic challenges of this genre. No other direction touches so many genres as travel photography.
I hope I was able to present my view of travel photography to you in a simple and clear way.



Evgeniy Bierich

Founder of K24Wi Studio. Photographer, Author of several Articles.


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